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In 2009 Noell took a leap of faith by leaving her career in chemical sales to become a personal trainer and although things were challenging at the beginning, the risk proved to be worth it and she continues to thrive in the competitive world of fitness.

In 2010 Noell started her first business, Body Boot Camps in Louisville, KY. After a move back to South Carolina and having her first child in 2012 she started Noell Yanik Fitness, LLC where she taught women all over her community to eat and exercise in an effortless way that would keep them energized, looking their best and feeling confident too.

In 2014 her training got national recognition when she was named one of the top trainers in the country by Women’s Health Magazine and competed as one of the final 5 contestants for the Next Fitness Star Competition. This opportunity lead to many others in the media world and since then Noell has become a leading resource in the fitness industry and has written for the Huffington Post, Shape Magazine,, US Web Daily, Elevate Lifestyle Magazine, the Charlotte Observer and more. She also became a regular on Charlotte's Fox 46 My Carolina's morning news show where she stars as their fitness expert and shares her tips every Workout Wednesday.

In 2016 Noell completed her 200hr yoga certification under Johnna Smith and had her second child too. While her faith and family continues to come first, she makes time to continually manicure her passion for transforming women’s bodies and minds so that they can live free of confusion about what to eat and when or how hard to workout. She has good news for all women, that you don’t have to be stuck in a body you aren’t happy with. With the right moves and a proper diet plan you can regain your confidence and feel good in your body again!

This year she’ll release her first online training program through an ebook called, Unbreakable Core. It’s a postpartum training program that’s essential for every woman who has had a baby no matter how long ago you’ve had them! The program will help close diastasis recti, tighten the pelvic floor and create a 360 degree tight core. Look out for it in Fall 2017.

If you live in the Fort Mill, SC or Charlotte Area and are interested in training then you can contact Noell by clicking here and find out more about the programs she offers by clicking this link here. She also offers online training for those of you who aren’t local to the Charlotte area and you can find out more about that program by contacting Noell through email.


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Sweat everyday to keep extra pounds away...

— Noell Yanik —

Personal Training Services

My training services are designed with years of experience I'm passionate about your fitness and health.


Love your Shape by toning, tightening, lifting and sculpting your way to a fit physic. Perform moves from a fusion of pilates, yoga and strength training to get rid of flab and target trouble zones like inner thighs, butt, abs, under arms and more. The core/powerhouse is used in almost every exercise which will leave you feeling strong and able in your everyday life.

Results from 12 weeks of Training
  • Better Posture
  • Firmness in upper back, upper arms, butt and thighs
  • Feel controlled, coordinated, and graceful in the way you move
  • Noticeable muscular lines all throughout body
  • More efficient digestion


Renew your body by losing weight for once and for all. Renew your mind by learning how to keep the weight off forever. No more yo-yo dieting or over exercising, its time for some accountability and lasting results. You’ll experience a dynamic approach to exercise which will keep you interested, challenged and having fun too!

Results from 12 weeks of Training
  • Lose 10-25lbs
  • Lose 6-10” over all (mainly in waist and hips)
  • Lower body fat 4-8%
  • Significantly lower heart rate
  • Begin to see muscles form
  • Increase metabolic rate
  • Higher energy level & efficient sleep patterns


Congratulations on your pregnancy! What a beautiful experience for a woman! Whether you're trying to keep your energy high or trying to keep yourself from gaining extra pounds, you and your baby will experience the benefit that an active pregnancy provides. You’re gentle training regimen will include:

Your training will include:
  • Relaxation therapy and breathing exercises
  • Yoga/pilates fusion
  • Light weight training
  • Light cardio


'Restore your Core' after pregnancy and delivery. Post-natal recovery is about healing the body by realigning your muscles & strengthening the pelvic floor. The period after pregnancy is a delicate one and it is important that exercise is preformed correctly to avoid injury; this is why the supervision of a trainer is so helpful.

Results from 12 weeks of Training
  • Increase balance, flexibility & overall strength
  • Restore separated abs
  • Pelvic floor lifting
  • Weight loss
  • Create muscular balance

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What my Clients say

  • “Working out with Noell will leave you feeling confident, energized and peaceful.”

    — Amy —
  • Noell has made a huge difference in my overall fitness level and motivation to be fit.  I realize I need the encouragement and push to stay fit and Noell is excellent at keeping me accountable!  Coming to my training sessions at 5:30am is not nearly as awful as I thought it would be and now its a form of habit.  Overall I feel stronger, leaner and I have more energy throughout the day.  I’m forever a member of  BBC and fan of Noell’s training!

    — Susan —
  • I have been so impressed with her wide range of knowledge about exercise, nutrition, the body’s health and diseases and how specific exercises can help make our body healthier. She has taught me so much and I am so grateful to have her as a trainer! 

    — Sylvia —


After having 2 kids and lack of motivation to work out, I realized I had to do something. I wanted to get my "sexy back" and Noell has helped me achieve my goals in a short period of time. I LOVE working out with Noell in her Baxter Studio. Her energizing spirit has kept me motivated and her style of workouts are challenging and exciting. No two sessions have been the same which I love because I'm always learning something new. I never knew that my body could transform so quickly. I have reduced my overall body fat & lost inches but most importantly, I can wear my swimsuit and feel sexy & confident and to me, that's priceless. Noell is such an inspiration and I highly recommend her if you are wanting a better body... she will get you there! -Misty Kasic, 33, April 2016

Working out with Noell took my fitness to a whole new level. Her workouts are custom made and non repetitive, so you truly get the most from each workout. Her style is unique to anything else I've ever experienced. I love the way she combines strength training while focusing on flexibility. My body feels more sculpted and lean than ever before. Her passion for what she does truly shines through. Along with her customized workouts, she provides you with personal nutritional training as well. I have made immense gains in my strength, flexibility, endurance, and overall confidence thanks to Noell. Working out with Noell was such a great experience and I would recommend her program to everyone! -Erin McKinney, 39, May 2017

I just finished four months with Noell and I'm struggling to come up with words that adequately describe how much I enjoyed it. Training with Noell has truly been life changing. Noell didn't just give me a workout plan. Instead, she showed me how to appreciate my own strength, use food for fuel and achieve my fitness goals. Noell was so patient and encouraging and convinced me to try new things and push myself harder than I thought I could while always switching up the workouts. It wasn't just four months of working out with Noell - she showed me how to make it a way of life. -Rachel Serkalow, 36, May 2017

Noell is the complete package and is an incredibly well rounded, educated and ambitious person which carries over into her professionalism as a persobal fitness trainer. Not to mention, she is such a genuinely giving and thoughtful person. Throughout the years I trained with Noell, my entire body, strength, agility and flexibility changed in ways I did not know were possible. It was incredible! It was never about being "skinny" but because of her dynamic workouts and knowledge of body types the pounds melted away. I was in the best shape of my life. From the nutritional expertise, to Noell's ability to customize and tailor workouts to match people's individual needs - I can say she gives 110 percent! I certainly give five stars easily!! -Morgan Moody, 28, July 2016

I wish I could give her more than 5 stars for the training of my teenage daughter. We wanted to find a trainer to help build my daughter's core strength because of a volleyball back injury. I lheard about Noell and decided to give her a try. My daughter's training with Noell has been amazing! Noell spent time with her building a relationship that helped her actually enjoy working out and getting fit. She never complained one time about going and looked forward to her time with Noell and I know she was challenged to achieve goals she had set for herself. Her core strength has improved greatly and she has learned about health, nutrition and how to work out for long term health. Noell's depth of knowledge is incredible and her ability to encourage and motivate is second to none. My daughter plans to continue to workout with her because she loves how she feels now that she has gotten stronger. Noell is simply the best and I highly recommend her to anyone who wants to transform their health and fitness. -Ouida SDest August 2017

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A solid, trustworthy post partum fitness program for all women who need help regaining their strength after baby. You are not destined to be in a body you're uncomfortable in! With the right moves and plan you can regain your confidence and feel good in your skin again.

This ebook includes video demonstrations for how to do the each move properly and offers over 15 workouts which have been proven to close diastisis recti, lift the pelvic floor and create a 360 degree tight core after pregnancy. It also has proper posture techniques, meditations and a clean eating guide.

Click the appropriate version to purchase and view via electronic eBook or you may purchase on for $14.99.



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