Personal Training

Personal Training

$1500 for 12 weeks

Total Body Transformation OR Unbreakable Core Post Partum Training

This fat weight loss OR diastisis healing & core tightening program takes place at my gym in Fort Mill, SC where you’ll see me for an hour at a time, 2x’s a week.

Noell Yanik - Personal Trainer

Here is a basic 12 week outline of what you’ll experience:

Noell Yanik - Personal Trainer

First 4 weeks

Bring Food Journal to each session for Diet Customization

Unbreakable Core workouts (may move you to full body early if I determine you’re already connecting in core muscles)

Endurance Intense

Second 4 weeks

Intro to heavy weight for Strength

Continue core & endurance training but on higher level

Continue carrying out your customized diet

Third 4 weeks

Love Your Body Action Plan

Asses where we’re at, what programs you’ll segway into once your personal training has been completed

The typical outcome of training with me is a toned, stronger body, increased flexibility, and most important, greater confidence and a grounded, stable disposition. I use my background in yoga & weights to come up with your programming so you’ll see a variety of moves & exercises for both the mind & body like different kinds of breathing, meditation, asanas like inversions and backbends, weight and powerlifting too. It’s a dynamic and exciting experience! No two workouts will ever be the same.

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