Meet Noell

Meet Noell Yanik

Noell Yanik is a mom, wife & ISSA Pro Trainer with over 10 years of passion led experience in the wellness industry. Her work has been seen/published in the Huffington Post, Charlotte Observer, Good Morning America, Women’s Health Magazine who also named her as one of the top 5 trainers in the US (2014), and she is currently the Fitness Expert for Fox’s Good Day Charlotte morning program. Most recently she published, Unbreakable Core (c2017), a training program that creates a 360 degree tight core, and has also created the UBCPlus online community and training which is known for major fat weight losses, gut healing, core rehabilitation and having fun while doing it!


“Everyone can feel good in their skin. All you need is the right plan to follow and a guide to support you along the way.”  -Noell Yanik

Noell teaches that our food should be clean, simple and wholesome. She advises eating foods as close to their live state as possible because this is the type of fuel our body’s need and crave. Noell will teach you to, “eat the rainbow” by filling your diet with nutrient dense, colorful produce so that you get all the vitamins & minerals needed to feel good & energized while losing fat weight and fueling muscular gains too.


  • Author of Unbreakable Core
  • ISSA Pro Trainer
  • Sports Nutritionist
  • Pelvic Floor Specialist
Meet Noell Yanik

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